Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2018

Cozumel plans to develop a Medical Tourism Cluster

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According to Ricardo Segovia Gasquet, president of the Medical Tourism Group in the island, Cozumel is looking forward to position itself as an icon in that important industry.

He expressed that Cozumel has potential in aesthetic surgery, dental, orthopedic and medical attention among others, which are some of the most demanded modalities by Canadians and Americans.

“Cozumel can position itself  at the vanguard in this industry at national level” he explained.

He said that, Mexico is the second country that receives the most visits for this purpose worldwide.

Segovia Gasquet explained that there is a group of companies and organizations that can help to promote medical tourism in Cozumel, where medical and dental services can be provided for tourists seeking these type of procedures, at a much lower price than in their countries of origin.

“The cluster focuses on tourism from Canada, the United States and European countries, promoting the tourist attractions in Cozumel as part of the patients’ experience. Besides, medical services providers in Cozumel are curetly investing in technology to offer products of high quality” he added.

“Dental services in Cozumel feature dentistry procedures, maxillofacial and orthodontic surgeries, and a wide range of products derived from a large number of specialties”, Segovia Gasquet concluded.




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