Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2018

Cozumel is ‘harvesting’ corals on its seabed

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The sowing of corals on the seabed of the Chankanaab Natural Park is ‘reaping’ success, as it shows growth in its coral colonies, as the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC) is conducting the “Reef Restoration Program”, reported marine biologist Rafael Cachón Díaz, director of Environmental Conservation and Education (CEA).

Experienced certified divers are constantly monitoring he tasks, step by step, and supervising the growth of the corals of the Acropora Palmata species. As part of the program, cleaning activities were also included in these underwater nurseries, with meticulous care.

The Oceanus organization has verified that the coral colony is already growing.

Cachón Díaz explained that the corals are surviving and growing despite their small size, and that the process to grow a coral ecosystem requires a lot of time, since it has been a year since they decided to start planting and 12 months later, the project is successfully advancing.


Currently, specialists are choosing other areas within the park of Chankanaab for future plantings in order to help these ecosystems to spread across the National Park.

Corals, when they are found in a diverse colony, are called reefs, they prevent erosion and help to reduce the force of the waves, thus providing shelter and food to numerous marine species and offering protection to the impacts of tropical storms, that is why it is important to preserve and conserve them, according to the National Water Commission.

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