Published On: Sun, May 1st, 2022

Cozumel Carnival 2022 leaves 150 detainees and one seriously hospitalized

Between massive fights and disturbance of public order under the influence of alcohol, more than 150 residents of Cozumel ended up in prison or in the hospital during this year’s carnival.

About 150 people were arrested and placed behind bars for administrative offenses during the Cozumel Carnival 2022. They had to pay a fine of 900 pesos each.

From Saturday, May 21 to Tuesday, May 24, massive brawls and fistfights were reported on the island among the thousands of spectators that gathered along Rafael E. Melgar Avenue.

According to information from Public Security of Cozumel, during the first walk, 12 men were arrested for scandalizing and disturbing public order, and all of them were drunk.

According to statistics, on Sunday, May 22nd, 10 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 were arrested for disturbing public order, two for insulting the authority, one for scandalous drunkenness, and seven for fighting. All of them had to pay a fine of 900 pesos.

In the operation, 15 citizens were secured for disturbing public order and one for leading a fight. In addition, 21 reports were attended in different neighborhoods where all types of public disorders were committed.

Four reports of detonation of firearms in various parts of the urban area turned out to be false alarms.

Likewise, agents of the Municipal Police and the National Guard detained 56 men for various administrative offenses, who were transferred to the Public Security facilities.

On Tuesday, 15 people were arrested for disturbing public order and one for leading a fight. While the National Guard responded to a report for family violence and 20 more for disturbing public order.

In total, around 150 people were arrested and held behind bars from Saturday to Tuesday.

Four young people had to be treated by paramedics. Two of them were taken to the city’s General Hospital, where one of them remains in serious condition and unconscious under medical observation, due to a blood clot that developed in his head from the blows he received.

The doctors remain attentive to the evolution of the young patient who was part of the excesses that were generated during the last ride of the Cozumel Carnival 2022.

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