Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Council for Animal Welfare established in Cancún

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CANCÚN — The mayor of Benito Juárez municipality, Remberto Estrada Barba, led the establishment of the Municipal Council for Animal Welfare, where he urged Benito Juarez citizens to raise awareness to prevent abuse, abandonment and animal exploitation.

He pointed out that this practice is a reflection of the lack of responsibility and values among people. Thus, the municipal government promotes, in a very particular way, actions and programs on the subject of animal welfare, protection, dignified treatment and recognition for all animals; domestic or not.

Within the event’s framework, which was held in the “Salón Presidentes” at the Palacio Municipal, it was announced that the Municipal Council will serve as a consultation and citizen participation body. Its objective and main purpose will be carrying out promotional actions in the furtherance of culture, in terms of animal welfare and protection.

Announcement of the Council for Animal Welfare. Photo: Noticias Quintana Roo

Remberto Estrada Barba (middle) at the announcement of the Council for Animal Welfare.
Photo: Noticias Quintana Roo

He emphasized that both environmental and animal care are the guiding principles of the current 2016-2018 administration. Thus, the departments of Economic Development, Animal Welfare, and Health, coordinate each other to raise awareness among the families living in Benito Juarez regarding the subject of a healthy coexistence between people and animals.

“Everyone should be more responsible upon our environment; with the care and concern that we provide to our pets, it is time to recognize the type of work that the Municipal Council is doing, since it is an issue that we are all drawn in. If we do it altogether, we can achieve major changes”, he said.

Estrada Barba recalled that the City Council, through several agencies, tours around the neighborhoods offering not only services to people, but also medical care to pets, such as adoption programs, sterilization, parasite prevention/deworming, and bathing programs. During these tours, they also promote the inauguration of the Basic Dog Training Class.

Finally, the Mayor invited citizens to join the work in regards of raising awareness on such topic, which is being carried out by the departments of Animal Welfare, Health, and Civil Partnerships. Thus, increasing the number of people giving a dignified treatment to animals.

Source: Noticias Quintana Roo



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