Published On: Wed, Jun 28th, 2023

Costco is retiring its membership card

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If you are a Costco customer, you will soon have to say goodbye to the membership card, as the wholesale store has made an important decision regarding it, which is closely related to the sustained growth of e-commerce in Mexico, as well as the purchasing habits of those who increasingly choose the online sales channel. What is the reason behind this chain bidding farewell to its physical cards?

Today, online shopping has significantly increased in Latin American countries, and Mexico is no exception to this trend. Costco sees it as a great sales opportunity and, in order to innovate and adapt to changes in consumer habits and purchasing behavior, it has decided to say goodbye to its membership card.

What is the reason? It is precisely due to the rise of e-commerce and new ways of acquiring products and services, as well as the benefits that customers now seek from a retail store, specifically a wholesale store like Costco. In response to these changes, Costco already has a plan to replace its physical card with digital memberships.

Among the advantages and benefits that customers of this retail chain would have with a digital membership are the following:

In 2022 alone, more than 63 million people in Mexico made one or more online purchases of products and services, with the convenience of home delivery being the most important reason for choosing the online sales channel, according to the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) in their 2023 Online Sales Study.

These data not only indicate the relevance of e-commerce throughout Mexico but also help us predict that the trend of acquiring goods and services online will increase in the coming years.

Saying goodbye to Costco’s physical membership card will be a nostalgic act and marks the moment to adapt to new ways of shopping. This leads us to embrace digitization and be aware that it is a reality that becomes more integrated into our daily lives every day.

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