Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2018

College student runs over police officer and smashes vehicle trying to avoid breathalyzer in Cancun (VIDEO)

On Saturday November 10, around midnight it was reported to the emergency number 911 that two cars were burning at the junction of Bonampak Avenue with Luis Donaldo Colosio in downtown Cancun. After the impact three people resulted injured, including a police officer who was run over by one of the vehicles.

To the place arrived the emergency sevices personnel, that was in charge to take care of the wounded people and to transfer them to the closest hospital.

According to preliminary information, a student who allegedly was DUI, tried to evade the breathalyzer, lost control of the car and ended up colliding with another vehicle at high speed; both units immediately caught fire at the scene.

After the impact, three people were injured, including a police officer who was hit by the alleged responsibe of the tragic accident. (Video: De Peso Facebook page)

One of the victims who suffered burns in the accident that took place on Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, early Saturday morning, lost his life after being operated at the General Hospital “Jesus Kumate Rodriguez.”

According to information issued by local authorities, the now deceased had third-degree burns, caused during the car crash.

The subject of 31 years, presented burns in 60% of his body and a wound in the abdominal region.

RMT Newsroom with information from SIPSE and De Peso



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