Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2018

Children from Cozumel learn about the importance of native fauna

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The Direction of Conservation and Environmental Education (CEA), of the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC), participated in the event called “Plant-for-the-Planet Academy“, with the topic “Endemic Animals” in order to provide information about the importance of the native fauna, and the problems they face, as well as alternative solutions.

The event took place at the facilities of the Directorate of Youth Services, it was attended by 35 young “Ambassadors for the Climate Future”, a title given by the international organization “Plant-for-the-Planet Academy“, focused on raising awareness among children and adults about the problems of climate change and global warming, through the reforestation of the planet.

The Project Coordinator of the CEA, Ricardo Peralta Muñoz, was in charge of the conference “Endemic Animals“, in which he invited the young people to protect the animals, mainly the native species of Cozumel, highlighting the dangers they face, as well as how to avoid introducing wildlife from other places.


In that sense, the speaker made a call on the young participants to join the actions that the FPMC leads, both in terms of conservation and restoration of ecosystems, as well as monitoring and protection of flora and fauna.

About the environmental conversation, the “Ambassador for Climate Justice”, Limberth Gabriel Martín Ballote, a position that Plant for the Planet gave to the young Cozumeleño, argued that they invited the CEA because of their vast experience in ecological programs, because they are willing to collaborate with other institutions and share their knowledge with the new generations.

“The Foundation has an environmental commitment and has worked for many years in the protection of animals,” he added.

Finally, Limberth Martín stated that the knowledge acquired by adolescents will be shared with their family and friends, with the aim of having a more informed and environmentally aware society.

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