Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2018

Chetumal elementary students create surgical soap in scientific breakthrough

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Two students of the fifth grade of the Centro de Enseñanza Moderna of Chetumal, created a surgical soap based on medicinal plants that they themselves processed, and with which they won the Expociencias 2018 Science competition.

“Miatsil KIUB” is the name of the product designed by the students with the advice of a recent graduate of the Pharmacy Degree of the Division of Health Sciences (DCS) of the University of Quintana Roo (Uqroo).

Russel Alain Solís Marrufo, advisor of the young scientists, Keira Castillo Hernández and Abiud Hernández Sánchez, indicated that the design and realization of the winning project was a true teaching and learning process in scientific and technological matters for the students, fulfilling the objectives of the contest, setting an example on how to encourage scientific thinking since childhood.

Solís Marrufo explained that the elaboration of the surgical soap with medicinal plants of the region was an integrating process, in which the students received information about the use of plants for the control and healing of various pathologies, as local Maya communities have been doing through generations, using the current tools and scientific knowledge to obtain a finished product.

(Photo: SIPSE)

“The students learned first-hand about the scientific procedure on how to make a soap, which goes back in history to more than five thousand years in the Israelite towns, then in ancient Rome and later had another boom in the Europe of the XVI century to acquire the shape we know today “, explained Solís Marrufo.

After this background, the students of the Modern Teaching Center participated in the soap pilot test to show its antibacterial efficiency, at the Clinical Analysis Laboratory of the DCS-Uqroo by students of the Pharmacy Degree.

According to the processes that followed, the soap was made using clove, purple maguey and rue branches as raw material, in which 70%, 90% and 96% ethanol was used in the maceration process, in addition to 80% methanol, and minor percentages of sodium lauryl ether sulfate, diethanolamide, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide, among other substances.

Source: SIPSE 



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