Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

Chef Joan Roca is coming to Cancun

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The three-Michelin-star chef Joan Roca will bring the haute cuisine from his restaurant El Celler de Can Roca to Cancun with an exclusive gastronomic experience that will serve as a personal tribute to the Mexican Cuisine.

The haute cuisine culinary event will be reserved for 200 diners, on May 8 and 9 at the Moon Palace hotel in Cancun, and the proceeds will be used to rebuild the schools affected by the earthquakes that hit Mexico last September.

Considered one of the best chefs in the world, Joan Roca says that at both dinners he will use local products from the Cancun area, “as a tribute to the Mexican cuisine that I admire, this will be an interpretation of Mexican cuisine from the way we cook at The Celler “.

The charity initiative is also sponsored by BBVA Bancomer to allocate the funds raised for the schools’ reconstruction projects.

Roca emphasizes that he has turned to the initiative because he considers that “education is the secret of evolution”.

Although the menu is not yet defined, Joan Roca shuffles various options such as a “Oaxaca cheese and corn dish, green salad with avocado, chiles, liquid tequila candies, candied prickly pear and lime”.

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The Can Roca Experience Celler Cancun will also include lobster, local seafood and of course black and green mole. There will probably be a cochinita pibil transformed into something new, but retaining its crunchy skin and the different dressings characteristic of this traditional Yucatecan dish.

For desserts, he will work on vanilla and a variety of chocolates from the different regions of Mexico, a realm of cocoa, without missing the pulque.

About the effort to maintain the three Michelin stars and being one of the best chefs in the world at his restaurant Celler de Can Roca (in Gerona, Spain), Joan Roca says he understands that many chefs have succumbed to the pressure, but not him.

For Joan Roca, the team is fundamental. And at his restaurant he leads a staff of 40 people of all ages and 15 different nationalities.

“Managing success is the most difficult thing to do” says Roca. On Tuesdays El Celler closes for lunch and the whole team sits down to talk with a psychologist. “We listen and we manage emotions.”

The Celler is the dream of “three brothers that are crazy for gastronomy, happy cooking and happy eating”. The Celler has prevailed among the top five restaurants in the world for one whole decade.

Roca has received numerous offers to open more restaurants around the world, but his answer is NO. “Many friends have done very well but we do not consider the idea. Replicating El Celler is not an easy task. ”

In return they have found a very creative way to “take El Celler to the world” through tours like the one they will do at the Moon Palace in Cancun.

For six weeks a year they close El Celler and the whole team goes on tour, one week in a different city in the world, from Latin America to Europe, Asia or elsewhere.

“It also helps us to learn and get inspired. It is a complete experience. We offer El Celler and we get a lot from the local cuisine, “says Joan Roca.

“Because there is a message on each plate” concluded Roca.




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