Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

Cenote Angelita, one of the top cave diving spots in Mexico and around the world

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In Tulum, there is the Angelita cenote that has an underwater creation that gives the sensation of a river inside the cenote, due the salt water that has a high amount of hydrogen sulfide and a more evident opacity, highlighting the fresh water above it, which allows divers to swim along this underwater creation, which has the same appearance as the surface of a river .

It is worth mentioning that the cenotes are deep natural wells characteristic of the Yucatan Peninsula, resulting from the collapse of limestone layers, exposing the subterranean waters below them, so that they are full of water and are connected to a marine cavern.

The Angelita cenote has a vertical shape different from other cenotes because it has turquoise blue crystal water, which gives you the sensation of floating in the air.

It has a depth of 60 meters and features 30 meters of crysta clear waters that allow 100% visibility.

In the middle of the route you will see something spectacular, because inside the tunnel a current of fresh water meets with a current of salt water, forming a layer of hydrogen sulfate that looks like a cloud from above and like a path of strange grey color from below.


The Cenote Angelita, is the home of a great variety of fish and small reptiles, with which divers can have a close coexistence, since they are totally harmless.

The place is surrounded by rock formations and trees that are found in the depths of this natural wonder.

Angelita boasts one of the most surreal and beautiful natural spectacles on earth. Showcsing a completely different experience, since this cenote has more open water than others.

The Angelita Cenote is located in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, about 17 km south of Tulum and is one of the top cave diving spots in Mexico and worldwide.




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