Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2018

Cancun’s new mayor wants to rename municipality

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When people talk about the Quintana Roo municipality of Benito Juárez you need to know your geography to be aware that it is home to a city with a much more famous name — Cancún.

But if the new mayor has her way, that might soon change.

María Elena Hermelinda Lezama Espinoza was sworn in as mayor of Benito Juárez on Sunday Sep 30, and one of her first actions in office was to announce the municipality’s new name.

“I will present an initiative that will allow us, the people of Cancún, to take advantage of the value earned by the great brand of Cancún, known around the world and used by all of us,” she said.

A member of the Morena party, the strongest political force in the country, Lezama explained that there are many municipalities across Mexico that “honorably” carry the name Benito Juárez.

María Elena Hermelinda Lezama Espinoza was sworn in as mayor of Benito Juárez on Sunday Sep 30

By changing the municipality’s name to simply Cancún, its citizens can take advantage of all the benefits related to the brand.

Besides focusing on international branding, the new mayor explained that hers would be an administration based on four main elements: security, accountability, social justice and ecology.

Lezama also announced that she would build a new women’s hospital and create the Municipal Institute for Mobility.

Security is to be a priority, with special attention on “reconstructing the social fabric from the foundations up.” The new municipal government will also move to dignify police with “zero tolerance for corruption.”

Her government will be austere, effective and efficient and will do more with fewer resources.




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