Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

Cancun’s hotel zone cycle path destroyed

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Tiziana Roma Barrera, a Cancún resident for more than 40 years, denounced on Tuesday Jan. 10, before the local media, the terrible damage caused by unknown individuals to the ciclopista in kilometer zero of the Hotel Zone of this municipality.

“Certain individuals have appropriated the ciclopista, they have destroyed it, obviously with permission from the municipal administration and it is possible that from the federal government too, as this belongs to Fonatur”, Roma Barrera stated.

“This is the cultural heritage of the people of Cancun, it is a unique space in the city, because it is a public path for people to exercise and be healthy, ” she continued.

Then she added: “There are 10 kilometers of ciclopista, from kilometer zero to Playa Chaacmool, which had never been damaged the way it has been done today, by the people of Villas Pescadores and Hotel Temptation. They are stealing our ciclopista, this is a crime against the nation and the people of Cancun, because they are stealing a public space that belongs to the people”.

The long time Cancun resident demanded an explanation from the federal and/or municipal authorities, as well as from the private sector (meaning Villas Pescadores and Hotel Temptation).


Cycle path destroyed (Photo: Cancun News MX)

Tiziana Roma also said that trees were cut down, trees that are owned by the municipality, so she does not rule out that it was the local authorities who gave their permission to destroy this public space. She posted a message on her Facebook profile, to alert citizens and authorities about of this situation, but so far only Frank Lopez, director of Tourism, has answered.

“This situation must be stopped, otherwise it is going to mark precedent, if we let it pass, other hotels (just as the Temptation did already), are going to destroy the ciclopista, and nobody is going to do anything about it” she said.

Tiziana Roma claims that she is just a citizen, and she is the one that is raising her voice against these abusive corporations, that are literally breaking the law in broad dayight, and local authorities are not doing anything about it.

“Why do I have to invest time, money and effort making this public, when this is supposed to be a job for the local authorities?” Tiziana Roma Barrera concluded.

Cycle path destroyed (Photo: Cancun News MX)

Cycle path destroyed (Photo: Cancun News MX)






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