Published On: Tue, Mar 7th, 2023

Cancun’s Casa Maya obtains the ESR 2023 certification

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Thanks to the commitment to generate economic, social and environmental value within its surroundings, Cancun’s Casa Maya obtained the ESR 2023 distinctive from Cemefi.

Among some of the actions that allowed the Casa Maya to obtain this recognition, is the good working environment that exists within its facilities, which is based on respect, responsibility, honesty, loyalty and warmth. 

It is important to highlight that there is a strong commitment to improve the quality of this labor environment on a daily basis.

Hotel Casa Maya obtains the ESR 2023 badge (Photo: Cancun Mio)

Casa Maya employees actively participate in activities and movements that benefit the environment, such as cleaning beaches, cenotes, and mangroves. 

Likewise, the recycling and separation of waste are carried out regularly to reduce the amount of garbage that arrives at the municipal sanitary landfill.

In order to support society, donations and collections are organized on a regular basis for specific causes, the most recent being in support of the people living in Turkey and Syria.

A permanent campaign at Casa Maya is the collection of plastic lids for the benefit of the Mexican Association to help children with cancer (AMANC).

The Riviera Maya Times



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