Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2019

Cancun sees record 540 murders in 2018

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According to THE DAILY MAIL tourist hotspot Cancun has broken its own grisly murder record which has more than doubled since last year.

Over the course of 2018, 540 people have been killed in the Mexican city on the Yucatán Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea, which draws in millions of tourists each year.

This year the murder total for 2018 has increased by 313 deaths compared to last year’s toll of 227, earning it a reputation for violence rather than its non-stop party scene or stunning views.

One of the most recent reported deaths came as a body was discovered in black bin liners at the roadside in the popular resort, reported local news site Quinta Fuerza.

When the bags were torn open by authorities a decapitated head and a pair of arms were found in case the plastic bags.

Inside the bags appeared to be the cut up bodies of two unknown victims, who were believed to have been tortured and burnt, said police.


Cancun is one of many Mexican regions which has seen an increase in murders, as the drug-related violence in Mexico has risen to a level where murder is now unremarkable, the Sun reports.

Guerrero saw several morgues close down after being overwhelmed with victims who had died following drug-related violence.

Those involved in Mexican gang warfare have been killed over turf battles which are used as routes to traffic drugs from the U.S.

In the first quarter of 2018 more than 100 people were killed in Cancun, including a 36 hour period where nine people were killed.

Gunmen on water scooters shot at a roving vendor on a beach in Cancun’s glittering hotel zone in April, an incident believed to be unprecedented for the city.

The vendor ran for safety inside a restaurant and was not hurt. Nobody was wounded. According to a police report, the afternoon shooting happened in front of a hotel in the heart of Cancun’s resort-studded strip.




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