Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

Cancun Real Estate Expo July 28-30 to explain investment opportunities

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The Cancún Real Estate Expo will take place from July 28 to 30 this year. This is an event that seeks to boost the real estate industry in the Riviera Maya, where investors can learn about different projects and development plans in the region through a series of conferences and other activities”, informed Centro Urbano magazine.

“We are completely focused on providing an innovative experience to all exhibitors and professionals of this sector as well as visitors who look for the best options to invest in real estate,” said María Laura Rojas, CEO’s Expo Inmobiliaria Cancún.

Attendees will be able to learn about opportunities to acquire or participate in housing, commercial and industrial real estate projects statewide. Besides, the organizers will provide them the necessary tools to successfully complete a large number of real estate operations.

“We are sure that this event will attract international, national, and local investors; plus different mechanisms will be offered to acquire properties during the event. In addition, it will be a unique opportunity for developers and service providers to attract new customers”, explained Laura Rojas.

(Centro Urbano)

These are the conferences that will be offered aiming at the promotion of real estate projects:

  • Real estate development and sustainability” by the Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Carlos Ríos Castellanos
  • Investment and Retirement vision in Mexico” by Miguel Ángel Lemmus
  • Why invest in the Yucatán peninsula?” by Raúl López;
  • Mexican Florida” (La Florida Mexicana): an option for retirement in Mexico by Javier Govi;
  • Fiscal strategies” by Herbert Bettinger
  • Franchises, models of expansion as key to being successful” by Elmar Garcia and Enrique Alcázar.

Developers, builders, engineers, architects, designers, contracting companies, banks, credit providers, lawyers and notaries, as well as dozens investors will be participating in one of the most important real estate submit in all México.




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