Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2017

Cancun Opens First All-Inclusive Beach in Hotel Zone

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According to Travel Agent Central, Cancun has opened its first all-inclusive beach at Playa las Perlas in the Hotel Zone.

The new all-inclusive beach is fully equipped with ramps, special beach chairs and areas for the disabled and elderly.

Cancun Municipal President Remberto Estrada Barba said the upgrade was needed to make Cancun an inclusive and accessible tourist destination that welcomes all people regardless of economic, social or physical condition.

“This administration has promoted social tourism for the people of Cancun, since those who care for the heritage of all Mexicans also have the right to enjoy i,” he said in a written release. “For this, the needs of all people, especially the disabled and the elderly, must be taken into account so that they can reach the beach to enjoy the sea and the facilities.”

Estrada Barba said that since tourism is the main economic driver of the destination, its growth should be encouraged with more visitors generating economic income that translates into well-being for the population; hence, why the decision to turn Playa las Perlas into the first All-Inclusive Beach of the Municipality was launched to facilitate the entry of people with disabilities.

The director of ZOFEMATManuel Linss, said that the public beach space has amphibious chairs so people can safely enjoy a water walk, as well as having access spaces and ramps that are essential for the displacement of bathers.




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