Published On: Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

Cancun Hotel Association forced to come up with emergent global advertising campaign

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The violence stemming from organized crime gangs, coupled with the US travel alert, has left $ 7.9 million USD in losses for hoteliers in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Carlos Gosselin Maurel, president of the Cancun Hotel Association, explained that both phenomena have slowed the commercialization of 15 thousand rooms, which translates into a 10 percent fall in the occupation compared to 2016.

In the monthly meeting of the Association, the main hotel chains announced that, given the lack of effectiveness of the campaigns developed by the state government’s promotion trusts and the risk of the downward spiral trend extending to the winter season, the Cancun Hotel Association will invest 10 million pesos in an emerging global promotion campaign.

Cancun Insecurity (Radio Fórmula QR)


“You cannot cover the sun with one finger (no puedes tapar el sol con un dedo: Popular Mexican saying meaning that you can’t hide something as evident as the sun), and if something is not done to reverse the effects of insecurity, Cancun could close the year with a drop of 18 percent over last year. At least two major hotel chains have already launched emerging advertising campaigns in the United States, in order not to let the occupation fall even more in the coming months, “said Gosselin Maurel.

The businessman criticized the government of Carlos Joaquin for continuing with the same opacity of his predecessor, Roberto Borge, in the management of resources, allegedly three percent of the Lodging Tax. And to this matter, Gosselin said: “We never really know what is the exact amount of the state government’s investment in the destination promotion”.

In addition, he said, there has not been progress in the formation of the new Council of Tourism Promotion of Quintana Roo, that has been announced for more than a year, nor is there progress in the comprehensive plan for beach rescue, despite the erosion, a problem which requires urgent attention.





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