Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Cancun government to help protect sea turtles

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Due to the nesting season of the sea turtle, the Municipal Department of Ecology coordinates with the hotel, business and student sectors, so that they can take the right measures to protect these animals.

According to El Universal, many entrepreneurs and the municipal authorities in Cancun will make a joint effort to establish actions to protect the sea turtle, reported the Municipal Directorate of Ecology.

(Photo: Google)

(Photo: Google)

The head of the Ecology Division of Benito Juárez, Jeannina Medrano Galindo, explained that information will be provided to the business sector, so that it contributes to the care of these chelonians.

He pointed out that work is being done in a coordinated way with members of the hotel, business and student sector in the training of personnel, before the arrival of the nesting season of the sea turtle, which officially begins on May 1.

The official pointed out that theobjective is that service providers and young people should be aware of the measures they should take in case of sightong of some species of turtle, such as Blanca, Caguama, Carey and Laúd, which are the ones that come to lay their eggs in the sands of this tourist destination.

“We are providing the different sectors with the necessary information, both to the employees and the tourists, so that they know the function of the area restrictions that are placed in the back of the hotels in the beach area, as well as the preventive measures to contribute to a successful nesting season of turtles,” he said.

He also said that in the most important specifications is that at the end of the day hotels and vendors in the federal zone turn off the lights on the beach area, remove the beach furniture that usually they place in the sand, as well as objects that represent an obstacle for the turtles, this to avoid any human intervention in the nesting process.

He indicated that this season will have a staff of field supervisors and a general coordinator for patrols in areas where the turtles arrive, for adequate shelter of eggs, in addition to the support of educational institutions such as University of the Caribbean, Technological Institute of Cancun, Anahuac University, among others.

Lorena Flores Dzul, director of the Department of Natural Resources Management at the municipality, commented that among the recommendations given some of the most important are to keep a distance of 10 meters between the people and the turtles, and to not take photographs with flash, nor to shine light on them.




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