Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

Cancun gourmet restaurant closes amid climate of violence and alleged extortion

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CANCUN — Without giving explanations, but amid a climate of violence that has led to the closure of other businesses, a Gourmet food restaurant called Guajira located on Bonampak Avenue announced that it will close until further notice.

Front of Guajira Restaurant, (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

Front of Guajira Restaurant, (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

The closure of businesses and establishments is on the rise in Cancun due to insecurity and violence.

“We are sad to have to do it suddenly and with that stop the sources of employment and the contribution we made to the economy of our beloved Cancun,” says Rodrigo, a business partner.

Several witnesses indicated that two armed men came to ask for a fee in the name of a criminal cartel, and that there were customers in the place.

It should be mentioned that in this colony there are at least three other business as well as commercial establishments that are victims of extortion.

These events occur amid a demand from entrepreneurs to authorities to stop the payment of fees or extortion that they suffer by gangs of organized crime in Cancun.

Despite this situation, the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo said they do not have any reports of this illegal activity.

So far this year, the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco, in Spanish) in this municipality has reported the closure of 300 small businesses in different areas of Cancun.




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