Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Cancun does not need ‘self-defense’ groups: hoteliers

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CANCUN — Cancun Hotel Association members are claiming the “self-defense” group formed in Cancun and headed by Carlos Mimenza only acts for “personal interests.”

In an interview with El Financiero, Carlos Gosselin, president of the Cancun Hotel Association, stated that the actions taken by Carlos Mimenza only act to disrupt tourism for political purposes. The “self-defense” group’s stated purposed is to fight crime and corruption.

“These are people who exploited communal-land holders by buying land at a low price during the prior government, and then they sold those places at high prices during the current one. Therefore, now that this man cannot get hold of this privilege anymore, he seeks to disrupt or create a negative effect on Cancún”, Gosselin contended.

Quintana Roo self-defense group to fight crime and corruption. (PHOTO:

On June 28,  a video went viral where a man, who was identified as Carlos Mimenza, called out the government and called on the citizenship to create a “self-defense group” project to fight against crime and insecurity.

Data from Southeast Airport Group (ASUR), states that Cancun airport passenger traffic between January and May 2017 amounts to 10 million 53 thousand passengers, both national and international, with an increase of 11.9 percent compared to last year’s same time period.

“We do not need self-defense groups, in fact that word in Mexico has a totally different meaning; it tries to affect one of the main international destinations of the country, which makes between 6 and 7 billion dollars a year. [These type of groups] can harm the country,” Gosselin stated.

SOURCE: El Financiero 



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