Published On: Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

Cancun at 47: Continued growth to be marked during birthday celebrations next week

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The Mayor of Benito Juárez (municipality to which Cancun belongs) highlighted the importance of the upcoming celebration of the 47th anniversary of this tourist destination.

Cancun Mayor Remberto Estrada with Representants of "Founders of Cancun A. C." (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

Cancun Mayor Remberto Estrada with Representants of “Founders of Cancun A. C.” (Photo: La Palabra del Caribe)

CANCUN — Benito Juárez’s Mayor, Remberto Estrada Barba, said that he and his co-workers at municipal government are working to consolidate Cancun’s integral and sustainable development, because it is recognized as one of the most important tourist destinations around the world.

Leading a meeting with some of the first settlers of this city, who integrate “Founders of Cancun A. C.”, they agreed on the activities that will be celebrated on the anniversary of the foundation of this tourist destination that will be held on April 20.

In that meeting, which was held in the Mayor’s Office, the City Council of Benito Juárez, the Major Official Hector Contreras Mercader, and Public Relations Director Lydia Portilla Mánica, and the “Founders of Cancun A. C. ” president Carlos Alberto Bazán Castro, among other members, agreed on the details of the cultural, artistic, sportive and community activities that will take place from April 17th to 23th.

“It is an honor to receive them, to listen to their stories and experiences, to celebrate all the citizens of Benito Juarez, because that is what we are, both those who arrived more than 47 years ago and those who recently arrived in the city are citizens from Benito Juarez, as we all make our best every day to improve the city,” said Remberto Estrada.

In this way, it endorsed their commitment with the people to continue working as a team with the citizens of Benito Juarez, in order to consolidate a balanced and sustainable development which allows more opportunities and a better quality of life for families, highlighting the contribution made by the first settlers of Cancun for the growth of this city, leaving a legacy to current and future generations.

The Municipal President assured that the Municipality of Benito Juárez seeks to strengthen the cultural and historical identity of all their citizens, as one more tool to strengthen the social fabric among families.

Regarding the schedule for the celebration week, Remberto Estrada said that with the support of several departments as municipal and organized civil society, specific activities will be carried out, being the most important event of the celebration the delivery of the Medal of Citizen Merit “Sigfrido Paz Paredes”, in the framework of a solemn session of City Council, scheduled on April 20th, symbolizing the maximum award to a citizen outstanding for his career in Cancun.




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