Published On: Mon, Jul 3rd, 2017

OPINION: Can you live abroad and still be a ‘true American’?

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In honor of American Independence Day last year, Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire wrote about a very divisive and painful subject for Americans living in Mexico and those considering living in Mexico:

Can you live abroad and still be a “True American”?

See if you agree with this answer.

Are you still entitled to consider yourself an American if you choose to live abroad?

As Vice President of Business Development for Best Places in the World to Retire, I have been told by many people living abroad that they have been told (let’s say, by their sister-in-law, Betty) that, because of their decision to live abroad, they were no longer “American”.  A month and a half ago, my wife and I crossed over the US – Mexico border into Mexico and became expats, which makes this is our first American Independence Day living abroad, and which makes Betty’s challenge now a personal one for me.

Because I’m now living outside the US, am I now less American?

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