Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Bus operators demand more surveillance on Mérida-Cancún highway

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“The Mérida-Cancún highway has become a lonely road without checkpoints and little to no police surveillance”, said the leader of the Mexican Alliance of Transport Organizations, A.C. (Amotac), Andrés Poot Alonzo, as reported in Reporteros Hoy.

Poot Alonzo said this road has been “neglected and ignored” by its administrators, as it has a lot of vegetation overgrowth that hinders the driver’s visibility. Poot Alonzo asked authorities to take action on the matter, as the roads of Riviera Maya have become dangerous for anyone driving there as time passes by.

“Authorities are still in time to take preventive measures and create both federal and state police surveillance, as well as military checkpoints. There are no assistance points where a tourist bus can stop due to a mechanical failure,” he expressed.

Mérida – Cancún highway
Photo: El Debate

Meanwhile, according to the El Debate newspaper, due to the recent attacks that have taken place in this highway, Federal Police (PF) implemented an oversight operation on this route. The state coordination of the PF will participate in this operation with Valladolid police personnel and patrols.

Authorities said staff from the Regional Security Office established random checkpoints along this highway. This security measure consists of federal agents stopping buses, microbuses and public service vans randomly. Then, in order to detect weapons or any illegal substances, they will carry out an inspection to all passengers, all while being under strict respect for human rights, officials said.

Citizens can receive assistance or report their concerns by dialing 088 and/or through the PF Mobile application.

SOURCES: El Debate / Reporteros Hoy



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