Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

British woman fighting for life in coma after allegedly ‘catching a cold’ in Cancun

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According to the Express UK, Louise Hutchings, 47, thought she had just caught a common bug when she started feeling under the weather in Cancun.

But she later collapsed on the beach and is now in intensive care in a medically-induced coma.

Her mum Carol Temme, 70, is now desperately trying to raise the cash she needs to pay for a 10-hour flight to be by her daughter’s side.

Ms Temme, of Plymouth, Devon, said: “As far as I know she enjoyed three days out there on the beach but caught a cold and collapsed.

“She’s been out there three or four weeks now and she was only meant to be out there for two weeks”.

“Louise is still in intensive care in a coma and the doctors have said she could remain in one for weeks yet. It’s very touch and go, the doctors said.”

Ms Temme said she was just desperate to be by her daughter’s side as she battles the illness which has cost Mrs Hutchings ‘half her lung’.

She added: “They’ve had to take half her lung away because as they tried to inflate them to get her to breathe, bubbles were forming and the tear was just getting bigger.


Louise Hutchings on her wedding day (Photo: SWNS)

“And they also found out that she was anaemic because she started to bleed from the inside.”

Doctors told Ms Temme that her daughter, a former hairdresser from Saltash, Cornwall, might not survive the flight home if she was moved to a hospital in the UK.

As a result she remains in Mexico, two weeks after she was supposed to fly home.

Ms Temme has been relying on infrequent messages form Mrs Hutchings’ husband Bob and her son Dale who flew from his role in the Royal Navy to be there.

Louise Hutchings and her mother Carol Temme (Photo: SWNS)

She has been able to speak to the medical director of the Amerimed Hospital a number of times about her daughter’s condition but says her only comfort will be to fly to her.

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Source: Express UK



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