Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

British actress Naomi Watts relaxed with her family on the beach of Tulum

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The protagonist of The Ring, King Kong and Birdman (among others), British actress Naomi Watts, visited the tourist destination of Tulum, with family and friends.

Staying in an exclusive lodging center on the coast of Tulum, the actress showed great relaxation in the company of her family and friends, away from the spotlight, the cameras and the big cities.

Beach vibes: Ready for the Mexico sun, Naomi had a straw Panama hat with black fabric and kept dark sunglasses over her eyes. (Photo:

Naomi Watts, 49 years old, was photographed -but not harassed- by ​​fans who recognized her in the area, who expressed that she was extremely calm and relaxed, confirming what the former Tulum Hotel Association director, Patricia de la Torre said: that Tulum is a place where great personalities seek to rest.

The star was seen with one of her sons, Alexander, 10 years old, with whom she was walking on the beach, while her companions relaxed on the beach or took a dip in the ocean.

Although the hotel staff recognized the actress, for having participated in the film Birdman and King Kong, she was not disturbed at any time, as the personnel demonstrated their professionalism characteristic of this exclusive property, which has received several international recognitions in the last year, and that is now well positioned at a global level.

The actress, who has participated in major films and nominated for an Academy Award as supporting actress, left Tulum, with a eceptional impression, as she and her travel companions had a mighty pleasant experience.




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