Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2020

Blepharoplasty: the surgery that can remove excess skin

In our society we see the eyes as the window of the soul, our eyes show how we see ourselves and how we feel. They are the first thing we see on a face and we care a lot about how they look. In women, it communicates beauty and youth. In men, confidence, security, and of course also youth.

When we take photographs we care a lot about how we look and, of course, how our eyes look and if they look good.

As we age our eyelids begin to have changed due to gravity, illness, or simply our age. For this, there is a surgery called blepharoplasty that helps correct excess skin on the eyelids.

Some of the problems that need a blepharoplasty are:

Upper eyelids:

Increase of skin in the upper eyelids that will make that skin cover our eyelashes and even the pupil, preventing us from seeing normally.

Sometimes a facial paralysis can cause damage to the levator eyelid muscle affecting one of the eyes, sometimes the one that seems affected is the healthy eye and this can confuse an inexperienced surgeon “correcting the healthy eye” to discover later that the affected eye was the one on the other side.

Another cause is the levator eyelid muscle itself, as it “lengthens” or weakens as we age to the point that it ceases to be functional and the person can barely open their eyes.

Lower eyelids:

Increased skin on the lower eyelids that can manifest itself with pronounced wrinkles in them, which can be so severe that they can give the impression of ruffles, even in some cases it can cause the eyelashes to enter your eyes, damaging in severe cases the cornea which can even cause permanent damage to it.

In the lower eyelids, aging can cause weakness of one of its structures, in fact, a very important one: the tarsus, when weakened, can cause in some people something known as “ectropion” in which the lower eyelid falls and requires of a simple surgical treatment but it must be done with precision otherwise it will not be corrected adequately.


The role of the eyebrows is very important in the upper eyelids because if you are droopy due to the age of the person, no matter what the surgeon does in the upper eyelid, the problem will not be corrected, so a suspension of it should be done.

This surgery does not require hospitalization and is usually done under local anesthesia in a couple of hours. At the end of the procedure, the patient (or the patient) can go home without needing to stay overnight in the hospital. But it is expected to rest completely for at least 24 hours.

The surgery stitches are removed after 5 or 7 days and the person can begin to lead their normal life after that date.

Surgical treatment must be performed by a certified plastic surgeon with experience in this type of surgery.

by Dr. Cuitláhuac Tomás Gómez Labougle

Dr. Cuitláhuac Tomás Gómez Labougle, a plastic surgeon who provides consultation in the City of Tampico, Tamaulipas. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree as Surgeon at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas in 1995, and a Specialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León in the year 2002.



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