Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Benito Juárez Municipality Director of Rural Development found dead

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In the backseat of a gray 2006 Ford SUV, with license plates 329-TWG  from Mexico City, the body of Miguel Ángel Loo Calvo, was found. The man was reported missing since Wednesday May 30.

The victim used to be Director of Rural Development in the Benito Juárez municipality and campaign coordinator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

On Saturday, May 2, Lorenzo Loo Calvo, brother of the deceased, went to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to recognize the body. He was originally from Mexico City but had been living in Cancun for 32 years.

The Semefo had already performed the necropsy to determine the causes and time of death of the official.

So far, the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Crimes against Life and Personal Health Unit keep all lines of investigation open to clarify the fact; however, the necropsy was conclusive in the body showed no signs of violence, nor injuries by firearm or knife.

After noon on May 2, residents of the La Florida subdivision, in Region 103, reported to emergency number 911 that there was a foul odor coming from a vehicle abandoned for several days in a housing unit parking lot, so agents of the Municipal Police came to verify the report.

(Photo: SIPSE)

Law enforcement agents detected the body of a person in the back seat, which was tied and taped, so they immediately cordoned off the area, with support from elements of the armed forces, the Federal and Ministerial Police. Later, personnel from the Semefo arrived to lift the body and the truck.

Staff of Semefo decided that a crane should move the vehicle to its facilities with the body inside, to preserve the evidence.

Once inside the facilities of Semefo, the staff removed the body of the truck to practice the necropsy of law, but before they allowed the access of Lorenzo Loo Calvo to recognize his brother’s body.

Loo Calvo was last seen alive on May 30; wearing a red polo shirt, white pants and black shoes. He left from Playa del Carmen to Cancun to attend a business meeting.

Co-workers informed the family that he did not show up to work since Wednesday May 30, and that they tried to call him to his cell phone, but it was off.

Source: SIPSE



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