Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2018

Belizeans must receive better treatment in Chetumal: Consul Montero

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“The coordination between the Consulates of Belize in Mexico and the local businessmen has allowed the Belizean tourists that visit Chetumal to receive a better treatment and less abuses by service providers and authorities”, assured the Consul, Luis Montero Maldonado.

He considered that currently there is nothing to improve in terms of the relationship between the two countries, but it is important to increase interaction, because for many years the only thing that has been shared is the border.

“The biggest exchange that occurs is schoolar, of students who come to study obtaining a good educational opportunity in Chetumal and the Belizeans who come to do tourism and shopping, but that’s it,” he said.


Montero Maldonado said that in the last seven months the presence of the Ambassador of Belize and other authorities in Mexico has greatly improved the bilateral relationship.

Meetings have been held in the capital of Quintana Roo involving the Attorney General’s Office, Commissioner of the Federal Police, Transit, Migration and Customs in order to facilitate the stay of the hundreds of Belizeans who arrive daily.

After these meetings, the local authorities have a greater sensitivity in how to deal with the Belizeans.

In addition, through the Association of Hotels, the private initiative and the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services, have managed to improve the benefits for national and foreign tourists who arrive to buy products and services.

“There is no discrimination, but there are abuses in terms of costs or treatment, for example taxi drivers: if the Chetumaleño is charged 20 pesos, the Belizean is charged 50 pesos, for the same trip, and that’s not acceptable” he said.

According to the latest data, Belizeans arrive in Chetumal in a greater proportion compared to any other country.




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