Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Baja California’s authorities are protecting the “Chocolate King”

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One week ago, The Riviera Maya Times informed about the arrest warrant issued against Baja California’s Chocolate King.

The suspect accused of domestic violence was nowhere to be found and it was presumed, he could have traveled to Cancun or the Mayan Riviera. But now, it is clear that Montiel Herrera (aka Chocolate King), is being protected by state authorities of Baja California.

The protection of authorities to the so called Chocolate King, Humberto Obet Montiel Herrera was more than evident, in spite of an arrest warrant valid since October 19th, issued by the Domestic Violence and Sexual Crime Investigation Unit against Montiel Herrera, who showed up at the Mexicali Baja California’s federal court building last Friday October 27th with his lawyer Elias Flores Gallegos.

State Attorney’s Office agents arrived to the building, waiting for Montiel to leave the premises in order to arrest him but they were ordered to allow the Chocolate King to escape.

Helped by agent Salvador Duran who is Elias Flores bodyguard, and aided by a high federal court official, the Chocolate King left the building through a back door, due to the fact that the accused has a “lot of connections” within in Federal courts.

This is clear evidence of an act of corruption which allowed him to flee the court on October 27, thanks to the help of the State Attorney’s office.

The Vice-Attorney general, Fernando Ramirez Amador has to become aware of this situation and take action in this matter.

Meanwhile the victim, her family and legal representative are still being constantly harassed by the accused and his lawyer.

Source: The Baja Post



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