Published On: Thu, Oct 19th, 2017

ATM machine was ripped off its base from inside an Oxxo in Cancun

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An ATM machine was ripped off its base from inside an Oxxo convenience store, on Las Torres Avenue, by a group of assailants who previously locked the staff inside the bathroom, at gunpoint.

It was at 3 am when an assailant arrived at Oxxo Superman 56, on Cancun Avenue (known as “Las Torres”) a short distance from Kabah Avenue. Passing on as a customer, he asked for a 20 liter water container, so that the shopkeeper would open the door, that remains locked at that hour.

The subject, wearing white t-shirt and jeans, entered the premises as soon as they opened the door, accompanied by another subject, with a construction helmet and fluorescent vest, who pulled a firearm, and pointed it at the employees, who were locked in the bathroom, with their hands tied with bandages.

The workers remained locked in the bathroom until they heard no more noise outside, and when they managed to come out, they discovered that the criminals ripped the HSBC ATM located inside the premises from its base, cordoned off the parking lot with yellow tape and spray painted the surveillance cameras.

Local authorities have not issued any information related to the amount stolen yet.




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