Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2020

Art & Design meet public space in Tulum

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“DESIGN H(ij)ACK”: while “HACK” has been widely used to describe the destructive behavior of anarchist activism, “HIJACK” is to interrupt the original continuity of an ongoing process and divert it towards its (hijacker’s) own desired course or purpose. This program proposes to merge these two phenomena.

The objective of the program is to generate tangible prototypes and solutions along the theme of “DESIGN H(ij)ACK – When Art & Design Meet Public Space”. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a necessity, combined with strong knowledge integration from research, concepts, design, to execution, “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” encourages all participants to think differently, design efficiently, and work economically, mostly important: collectively. May it be a discarded chair, an abandoned space, or public infrastructure that is no longer functioning or valid, through “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” interventions are expected to become innovative inventions.

Collaborative initiatives within architecture and public art will be emphasized. We will address different areas of design that manifest in new media technologies, social spaces and public art. Participants will be guided by professionals alike and have full Creative freedom. Each mentor will also give a lecture on their process creating a work from concept/production/execution. The main focus of our programme is the collaboration between diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

​Situated in the unique context of the city, participants will produce a series of design solutions that aim to solve the pressing issues only manifested within the high-speed urbanization of Mexico. Since this process must necessarily involve firsthand experiences, this direct engagement is key for participants to excel outside the academic realm. Participants will go through a full process to realize their visions from concept to production. And are expected to learn from this experience by balancing outcome and resource limitations such as labor, speed, budget, material, location, and technology. Parallel to the design program, “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” hosts a series of thematic lectures on art and architecture delivered by international masters and local art & design practitioners, simultaneously it also offers fun trips to major culture sites and production factories.

Therefore we are only offering this program to a selected number of participants from the following disciplines:

Urban Planners
Industrial / Product Design,
Interaction Design
Visual Communication Design
Computer Science

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