Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Arrest warrant against Baja California’s “Chocolate King”

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After a series of irregular situations in an appeal interposed by a lawyer, in order to benefit Humberto Obet “N” (better known as Baja California’s King of Chocolate), the warrant suspension which had been previously granted to him was cancelled, and the authorities are now free to execute the Arrest Warrant issued against him.

As soon as he is found, he will be detained and imprisoned.

The warrant against him is already active on the criminal tracking online tool known as Mexico Platform (Plataforma México).

Accused of domestic violence and severe physical harm against a woman, the alleged culprit was cited in court for beating up his sentimental couple, but he has not appeared before a Judge in Court.

That is why it is expected that Obet will be submitted by authorities before a Court of Law any moment soon.

American authorities are already aware and informed about the situation, since the suspect might have fled from Mexico to the United States where he could be hiding from justice action.

This is a consequence of his defense attorney’s bad strategy, since he shows no intention whatsoever to reach an agreement with his accuser.

The Riviera Maya Times is posting this news item in case the accused have fled to Quintana Roo. If you happen to see this man, be careful, he is emotionally unstable and potentially dangerous.




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