Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2023

Argentinian model Agostina Jalabert found dead in Playa del Carmen

Agostina Jalabert was an Argentine model and influencer who left everything behind to pursue her dreams in Mexico. 

Agostina Jalabert, an aspiring model and influencer, left Argentina for Mexico to pursue her dreams.

On February 18th, Jalabert was found dead in her Playa del Carmen, Mexico, apartment. Her family strongly rejects the idea of suicide and demands justice for her death.

Agostina Jalabert (Photo: POR ESTO)

The cause of Jalabert’s death is still under investigation, and her boyfriend, who was present then, is considered the main suspect. The family alleges irregularities in the case and disputes that Jalabert took her own life.

We all have dreams. Some of them can be fulfilled in our place of origin, but it is often necessary to leave everything behind to achieve them. Motivated by her great desire to be a model, influencer Agostina Jalabert left her native Argentina for Mexico, where she could have the opportunity for the world to get to know her.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. In December, Agostina had even decided to give her ex-boyfriend, who had traveled from Argentina to try to patch things up, a chance. The man has since moved into the Jalabert sisters’ apartment.

The young influencer dreamed of being a professional model. Photo: Facebook Agos Jalabert
The young influencer dreamed of being a professional model. Photo: Facebook Agos Jalabert

The strange conditions in which the model died

Last February 18, Candela returned home after having left the city. The first thing that caught her attention was that the guard of the building where she lived told her that a previous night there had been problems because her sister and brother-in-law had argued loudly and that even the police had to intervene, so it was very likely that they would receive a fine.

But she did not find Agostina. According to the Argentinean media La Nación, Candela went to the bathroom following her dog, and that’s when she discovered her sister lifeless. The young model’s body was hanging by the neck with a belt tied to the towel rack. When she questioned the man, he told her he had not heard anything because he was asleep, and everything seemed to indicate that it was a suicide.

The Jalabert sisters. Photo: Facebook Agos Jalabert
The Jalabert sisters. Photo: Facebook Agos Jalabert

Her family rejects the suicide version.

However, there are some irregularities in the case of the Argentinean woman. The young women’s uncle, Germán Jalabert, told TN media that Agostina was approximately 1.70 meters tall and that it was no more than 1.20 meters above the ground when her suspended body was found.

“It was too low for him to hang her,” said the man, devastated by the death of his beloved niece.

The family of the young influencer, who had just over 16 thousand followers on Instagram, strongly rejects the idea that she ended her life and demanded justice for her death. However, investigations are still ongoing, and it has not been determined whether it was a suicide or femicide, so it has not been possible to arrest the boyfriend, who seems to be the main suspect in her death.

And there is something that Agostina’s loved ones are very clear about: the relationship between the two was not good, and what began as a sweet reconciliation in the Riviera Maya gradually deteriorated until the violent argument on the night of February 17.

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