Published On: Fri, Mar 26th, 2021

AMLO says there’s a ‘plot’ against Morena, so they don’t have a majority in the lower chamber

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México, City, (March 26, 2021).- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured this Thursday, March 25th, that there is a movement against Morena so that “the transformation movement he leads” does not have a majority in the Chamber of Representatives.”

“With just say that there is a political strategy against us so that the transformation movement does not have a majority in the Chamber of Representatives. They have been grouped together for that purpose, ”he said in Campeche.

The president was also questioned about the agreement of the National Electoral Institute (INE) to avoid overrepresentation in the lower house.

The general counsel of the institute determined the mechanism for the application of the formula for assigning seats by the principle of proportional representation in San Lázaro that correspond to the parties based on the results that each one obtains on June 6, with the objective of making the constitutional principle effective.

Article 54 of our Carta Magna establishes that “at any case, a political party may have a number of representatives for both principles that represent a percentage of the total of the House that exceeds by eight points its percentage of the national vote cast.”

This agreement was challenged by Morena before the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power. On that, López Obrador remarked that this body is the one that must resolve the controversy.

“I hope that this action of the INE is not inscribed in that purpose, but it seems like they want to modify the rules so our movement does not have a majority in the Chamber of Representatives,” he stressed.

The Chamber will be renewed in its entirety in the elections on June 6. A majority in this chamber is necessary if the president wants to advance initiatives such as constitutional reforms that need qualified majorities to be approved.



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