Published On: Mon, Jun 26th, 2023

AMLO declares himself against warlike Corridos and drug-related songs

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During his daily morning conference in the state of Chiapas, on Friday, June 23rd, President López Obrador criticized the warlike Corridos and Reggearon music songs, like those of the Mexican recording artist known as “Peso Pluma” (Featherweight) and the television series that feature criminal characters, since these TV shows and songs pretend to paint a reality of wealth and beautiful people, which is a fallacy.

“And they pick up the phone and say ‘President I ask you this’, ‘General I order you this’, that is fallacy, it is fantasy. The other side of the coin is the suffering of young people, of their families, ”she explained.

Although he did not directly mention the Mexican singer, AMLO alluded to “a very famous artist who exalts the life of drug trafficking, consumption and excess” in his songs.

“We have to guide young people, they have to know that the music of certain Corridos is “not cool” at all, these artists are very famous, and they make young people think that being a criminal is becoming successful, but that is a lie,” AMLO explained.

The Riviera Maya Times



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