Published On: Sun, Jul 2nd, 2023

AMLO announces pension increase for 11.5 million senior citizens across Mexico

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Five years after being elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that the pension for elderly adults has been elevated to constitutional status and announced a 25 percent increase.

From the Zócalo square, in front of the National Palace, the president emphasized that “since official corruption and waste have been eliminated, now the budget is sufficient to provide pensions to 11,545,000 elderly adults.”

He revealed, “by the way, two pieces of information: first, the pension for elderly adults has already been elevated to constitutional status; it is a right, and regardless of who holds the presidency, the pension will remain for elderly adults.”

And he announced, “another piece of information: starting in January, there will be a 25 percent increase in the pension. Support is also being provided to 1,273,000 children and young people with disabilities throughout the country.”

The Riviera Maya Times



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