Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2018

Activists urge to save Xcacel-Xcacelito, the only area that remains virgin in the Riviera Maya

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“The environmental consultants are accomplices of the businessmen that damage the habitats, because they “distort, and change the information, paint it as legal, coming up with names that sound like ecological and sustainable projects, when they are really not that at all,” said Guadalupe de la Rosa Villalba, former president of the Moce Yax Cuxtal Ecological Citizen Movement in Quintana Roo.

“There is a triad of corruption: consultants, authorities and businessmen,” said the ecological activist.

In an interview for the hotel project “La Calma Eco Resort Luxury” in Xcacel-Xcacelito, dela Rosa Villalba urged to defend this place, which is the only virgin area that still exists in the Riviera Maya, besides being a vital nesting place for several species of sea turtles.

She also emphasized that the defense of Xcacel-Xcacelito is not a new issue, because precisely the Moce Yax Cuxtal organization came to exist year ago, with the purpose of preserving this unique site.

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De la Rosa Villalba said they will continue to protest against the projects that seek to settle in that area. She also criticized the authorities of the environmental dependencies for ignoring and not preserving the beaches where turtles nest.

She pointed out that it is a priority that a larger land gets protected beyond the range established up to now, that authorities have to take care of the mangrove and even of the land all the way up to the coastal highway, since turtles also come to this area to nest.

About the project that a company currently wants to develop in the area, she pointed out that they have read the document, and that it is very similar to Punta Carey; a mega resort featuring 500 rooms, two artificial lakes and “super size pools”. She added that the construction of this project will obviously result in a negative environmental impact to the area.

She proposed that the steps to follow are to ask for public consultation, then carry out a public meeting where the project is presented in detail; they have even contacted people from Tulum to sign. She also stressed that they collaborate with CEMDA, the Mexican Center for Environmental Law.




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