Published On: Thu, Aug 30th, 2018

Activists call for volunteers to help cleaning up mangrove areas in Cozumel

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The ecosystems of the northern zone of Cozumel already present an important degree of pollution, for which environmentalists like Mariel Tejeda Bravo are concerned about cleaning up plastics, frying pans and even lubricating oils that are deposited in the margins of the “Laguna Ciega” and the area of ​​mangroves and wetlands that surround it.

“It is a forgotten area that screams for help and assistance. It is affected by projects such as the wastewater treatment plant that is contaminating more, instead of purifying the water”, the conservationist warned.

(Photo: SIPSE)

This water body is right next to a key known as “La Isla de la Pasión” (Passion Island), and it is a Flora and Fauna Protection Area, not to mention that on February 2, 2009 it was included in the list of Ramsar Sites around the world. It is also a natural habitat for endemic species such as the raccoon and the dwarf coati.

Mariel Tejeda is part of a group of people who are concerned about the conservation of this part of Cozumel and after several months of paperwork in April of this year they finally obtained funding for a Conservation Program for Sustainable Development (PROCODES) to start the project known as “Healthier and More Alive Mangroves” (Manglares más sanos, más vivos).

Its objective is to clean up these mangroves, so on Sunday, August 26, the second clean-up activity was organized, in which 50 volunteers have already confirmed, 20 more than those who participated in the first edition.

Tejeda, who is also a diver, has been living in Cozumel for about a year, explained that the project will last until December.

Source: SIPSE



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