Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Abandoned sailboat grounded on Cozumel beach

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COZUMEL — Suspiciously, a sailboat ran aground on the eastern shore of Isla Cozumel, where it was abandoned; elements of the Mexican Navy responded to review the boat, because of the possibility that it has been used to transport drugs or undocumented immigrants.

Abandoned sailboat on Cozumel. PHOTO: La Verdad

Abandoned sailboat on Cozumel. PHOTO: La Verdad

The Marine elements checked the stranded boat, but the owner has not been located yet, since the boat has no registration and was in the open sea in complete abandonment.

The stranding occurred on the east side of the island at kilometer 48; as of Saturday May 20, the authorities had not located the owner of the boat, and although the incident happened at dawn, the elements of the Navy did a review around 10:30 hours, without finding anything illegal.

The vessel is a sand-colored sailboat with green sails, named ‘Aria’, apparently coming from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States.

The vessel does not have a visible number plate or flag of origin. No person has appeared to claim the boat, reason why it remains abandoned in the east side of the island, which generated the mobilization of elements of The Navy, who after reviewing, proceeded to take photographs, recorded the incident and then retired, as nothing was found illegal.




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