Published On: Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

A touch of Yucatan in Portland OR

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The news last month that beloved Cully institution Angel Food & Fun is no more (at least as we know it) was yet another blow to the psyche at the end of a year when we were already full up on bad tidings.

Its chef, Manuel Lopez, was reportedly targeted for deportation (although a friend told the Mercury later it was over a business dispute with the building’s owner—something we were never able to verify). Either way, the city’s best source of deeply flavored and hard-to-find Yucatecan gems remains lost to the dregs of 2017.

But all is not lost for lovers of cochinita pibiland relleno negro—there’s another Northeast Portland hole-in-the-wall ready to fill your southern Mexican cravings: Taqueria La Mestiza.

The small, five-booth restaurant on Fremont at the base of Rocky Butte has long been a taqueria, but in mid-2016 Patricia Lavadores and her husband, Tivo Aviles, bought it from a family friend. Under their watch, La Mestiza has ascended via word-of-mouth, adding more regional dishes and turning a bustling trade of handmade panuchos and killer poc chuc.

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Source: Portland Mercury



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