Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2022

A sensitive sample of the artistic wealth and sustainability of Mexico

From tangled mangrove forests to historic cities to the world-famous Riviera Maya, a lush landmass known as The Yucatan Peninsula is a veritable treasure trove for tourists from all corners of the globe.

For those in need of a quick respite from the harsh winter weather, each of the following world-class resorts offers a carefully curated experience to make visitors forget all about the ice and snow at home.

Hotel Xcaret Arte

A massive resort complex with a lagoon, outdoor pool, and rows of tall buildings
Hotel Xcaret Arte offers five unique workshops including dance lessons, pottery-making, and weaving. HOTEL XCARET ARTE

Mexico is renowned for its rich and complex food scene, and for those wishing to explore the abundant flavors found across the nation, it’s tough to beat the Hotel Xcaret Arte.

This sprawling adults-only all-inclusive comes equipped with nine distinct dining venues to explore, many of which were created at the behest of some of Mexico’s most celebrated chefs.

Guests can start the day off with a hearty breakfast at Mercado de San Juan—a dazzling venue celebrating the traditional dishes found across Mexico’s small towns—then head to Cantina Vi.Ai.Py to sample insect-laden Oaxacan cuisine for lunch.

Once dinner time rolls around, Kibi-Kibi is perfect for experiencing Lebanese-Mexican cuisine, an abundantly flavorful concept that’s common across the peninsula.


The Riviera Maya Times



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