Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2023

A senior citizen had to be evacuated from a cruiser in Isla Mujeres

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The rescue team of the Ninth Naval Region evacuated a 73 year old American passenger with a heart problem from a cruise ship and took him to Puerto Juarez to receive specialized attention in Cancun; this is the eighth case so far this year.

The transfer took place 3.7 kilometers northeast of Isla Mujeres when the cruise ship stopped to let the passenger who had a heart attack off the boat, as reported by the command of the Ninth Naval Region.

A week ago, the penultimate medical evacuation of a passenger was carried out on a cruise ship on the high seas, 8.3 km northeast of Isla Mujeres, with her being the seventh person ashore due to illness to receive specialized treatment in Cancun.

This number of cases is the first time this has happened, since this type of operation of transshipment of sick passengers has occurred up to half a dozen per year in recent times, according to data from the Secretariat of the Navy (“SEMAR”).

The Riviera Maya Times



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