Published On: Sun, Mar 19th, 2023

A journalist and two state officials found alive and well in Bacalar

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BACALAR, Quintana Roo, March 18, 2023.- Three people were reported missing after attending the 40th-anniversary celebrations of the community of Miguel Aleman, two journalists and the former Bacalar mayor.

The information gathered indicates that these three people had gone to the celebrations in the aforementioned community, where a horseback ride was held, but on their return to Chetumal, after 2:00 p.m., while they were driving on the Miguel Aleman-Rio Verde highway, they disappeared, leaving a black pick up truck in the middle of the road, in which they were presumably traveling.

Extra official information indicates that the missing people are Jimmy Palomo, a police reporter in Chetumal, who works for Canal 10; Soraida Aguilar, who identifies herself as a journalist and the third person is Rudy Alcocer, who was a senior official in the Bacalar City Hall during the administration of Alexander Cetina Aguiluz.

Jimmy Palomo

As a result of this situation, an intense security operation was deployed in the area by the authorities of the three levels of government, which is being maintained to this day in order to find the whereabouts of these three people.

However, in the early hours of Saturday, March 18th, journalist Jimmy Palomo was found alive, along with the two other people, who were “kidnapped” while returning from a horseback ride in the municipality of Bacalar.

During the search which had the support of the Navy’s Persuader aircraft, two other people were also rescued, among them a minor.

Through its official social media accounts, the Secretary of Public Security in the State (SSPQROO), reported: “As a result of the operation implemented for the search and location of people, the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security in Quintana Roo reports that the last person who was missing in the municipality of Bacalar was found alive.

“This person is safe, as well as the two people located yesterday. We will continue with the corresponding investigations to know the facts”, informed the agency.

Later, members of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in conjunction with the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security of Quintana Roo, activated search protocols to locate three people who were presumably kidnapped in the municipality of Bacalar, among them the police reporter Jimmy Palomo, informed the state agency.

Jimmy Palomo’s vehicle, a black Ford Lobo, was abandoned on the Rio Verde and Miguel Aleman road.

On Sunday morning it was reported that, as a result of the intelligence and search work with canines, patrols, searches and a Navy plane, several people reported missing were found alive.

The Persuader plane registration number ANX-1123 arrived in Bacalar and located two missing persons in the vicinity of Bacalar, who were located in Xtomoc to the south, after leaving on a jet ski.

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