Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

Mexican reported as missing in Moscow is safe and in good health

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Francisco Javier Mata Sánchez, the Mexican fan who was reported missing in Moscow, before the Russian authorities since Saturday 16, has already been found, as confirmed by the Embassy of Mexico in that country.

His traveling companions reported him missing, and declared that the last time they saw him, he was in the company of a Russian woman.

Someone by the name of Pam Quibec made the incident viral by posting it on her Twitter account, tagging Mexican journalists Loret and Lopez Dóriga among others.

The spokeswoman for the Mexican embassy in Moscow, Nayeli Ceceña confirmed the version:

“The man has appeared safe and sound. Since we found out about the case, we followed it up and with the help of local authorities he was found. Staff of the embassy went to visit him, to make sure he is in good health, he declared he was never in trouble or danger. There was no report of kidnapping. ”

“This is a personal matter, the important thing is that he is well, back with his travel companions, he has communicated to his family back home and it seems like he will continue with his trip”, concluded Nayeli Ceceña, spokeswoman for the Mexican Embassy in the Russian Federation.




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