Published On: Sun, Jan 15th, 2017

El Cid Cozumel: “the place to be” this Winter / Spring 2017

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According to, El Cid Vacations Club reveals some of the biggest happenings in Cozumel this spring season.

Different travel seasons bring different experiences to visitors, and many destinations in Mexico have seasonal events throughout the year that El Cid Vacations Club is eager to recommend to its members. With the winter season coming into swing and the spring season just around the corner, Mexico’s most beautiful destinations, including Mazatlan, the Rivera Maya, and Cozumel, will be gearing up for their liveliest times of the year. Each of these destinations will host a variety of events, but today El Cid would like to share some of the highlights of the season in Cozumel.

el cid cozumel


Recently, Cozumel celebrated as the Harmony of the Seas docked in the city. This stunning cruise ship is the largest in the world, and it brought with it nearly 9,000 tourists who hope to discover the wonders of Cozumel. This was the first time that the cruise ship had made a stop in Cozumel, but it will not be the last. In fact, this arrival in Cozumel marked the beginning of Cozumel being a regular stop on the cruise ship’s tours.

What is exciting about this news is that travelers who have arrived with the ship, as well as travelers who are staying in Cozumel with El Cid Vacation Club, will find that this season in Cozumel is ready for them, with an endless array of spectacular entertainment.

One of the biggest attractions in Cozumel has always been scuba diving, as the waters surrounding the island are some of the most beautiful and most richly filled in the world. Travelers who dive while visiting Cozumel find themselves swimming among glistening reefs, colorful fish, and other interesting species of creatures living beneath the waves. The diving instructors in Cozumel are always expertly trained and certified, and their guidance can help even the newest divers experience appreciate the thrill of scuba diving with ease.

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