Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

61 million pesos in jewelry seized at Cancun International Airport

Federal Police officers secured jewelry valued at more than 61 million pesos (3.2 million USD), at the Cancun International Airport.

The events occurred when airport security personnel requested the presence of elements of the Federal Police in the X-ray machine located in the area of ​​filters, band number two, as they detected a piece of baggage containing a large amount of jewelry.

The federal police officers had contact with two subjects who declared to be employees of a company of private security and explained that they were in charge of delivering the jewels in Mexico City.

Federal Police agents asked both individuals to empty a black bag where the jewels were kept, and to show the documentation that would cover the legal transfer of the gems.


Personnel of the Regional Security Division questioned the two men on the legal origin of the jewels and with an aggressive attitude they stated that the jewels, worth an approximate sixty million pesos (3.2 million USD), were delivered to them right there at Cancun International Airport in order to be transported by them to Mexico City.

Federal police officers placed the suspects and the jewelry under custody of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation, since the two men could not present the proper legal documentation that demonstrated the legal property of the jewels.

Source: Noticaribe



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