Published On: Mon, Nov 2nd, 2020

5 facts about teeth whitening you probably need to know

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A beautiful white and clean smile is what most people want. It looks amazing in photos, it provides a boost of confidence and, for many, it is a sign of good oral health. Having teeth whitening is one of the most wanted procedures in the oral care field. But, what if there is more of this procedure than just the nice looks that come from it?

1. The pores of your teeth produce the stains on them

Even if you can’t see them, all of our teeth have small pores. These tiny little pores are the ones in charge of absorbing the stains of many beverages that we consume regularly. After a teeth whitening, these pores shut.

2. Having white teeth doesn’t mean they are healthy

Every person has a very different teeth tone and this doesn’t mean that they don’t brush their teeth regularly. It is perfectly normal to have a slight yellow tone on your teeth. In case you have a more white tone, you also have to visit your dentist to preserve the natural tone of your teeth.

3. Your regular drink can damage your teeth

If you are a wine lover or a big coffee drinker and expect to have a beautiful white smile, you might want to consider to stop drinking these beverages. Red wine, coffee, and tea can cause big stains on your teeth because of their intense pigments. If you drink them regularly, these pigments will attach to your teeth and damage their natural or teeth whitening tone.

4. Toothpaste can do the trick?

The tubes of toothpaste that promise to give you at-home teeth whitening are a complete lie. Yes, they can help you with a much deeper removal of the existing stains in your teeth but they don’t have professional whitening ingredients. These whitening products can only be used by a certified dentist that also has all the tools to improve the tone of your teeth and make it look as natural as possible at the same time.

5. It is a painless process

The process of having teeth whitening does not hurt at all but after it, you can experience some teeth sensitivity. This happens because of the bleaching products that are used to give your teeth your desired tone, which is mostly white looking.

It’s very important to consult a specialist before making a white teeth bleaching, due to there are sometimes that it can cause side effects if you don´t do it correctly.


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