Published On: Mon, Jun 26th, 2017

Mexican official contends murders at record level because suspects freed

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Under new system, weapons charges no longer require preventative custody.

May’s record homicide numbers were the result of a measure that came with the new accusatory justice system, said the National Security Commissioner last week, reported.
Renato Sales Heredia said the charge of carrying an unauthorized weapon no longer requires preventative custody.

The measure has been criticized for allowing gun-toting gangsters back on the street while they await criminal procedures against them. Critics say they simply resume their criminal activities.

(PHOTO: file) Investigators at murder scene.

(PHOTO: file) Investigators at murder scene.

Sales suggested modifying the new justice system: “It’s not about dismantling it. On the contrary, we acknowledge that it is the best of systems.”

“We consider it elemental, but if you release people with [assault rifles], they are going to kill. What this is about is reforming the federal laws on firearms and criminal procedures in order to keep those individuals in preventative custody,” said the commissioner.

Sales thinks that if the law is modified the upward trend in intentional homicides could be reversed. He pointed to a statistic that says a firearm is used in seven of every 10 intentional homicides.




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