Published On: Wed, Apr 26th, 2017

Cozumel turns 499, and these artists are coming to the party

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COZUMEL — Moenia, Phobia, Ana Torroja and Alicia Villarreal are some of the artists on the billboard that will present at the pre-celebration events of the 500 years of the discovery of Cozumel. These events are being sponsored by Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, Governor of Quintana Roo, although the budget for the concerts is unknown.

(Photo: Sipse, Novedades Quintana Roo)

(Photo: Sipse, Novedades Quintana Roo)

May 3 is the commemoration of 499 years of the discovery of the island by Spanish explorers. But the show starts on April 29 with the Los Vázquez SuperShow, the band La Ejecutiva de Mazatlán Sinaloa and La Banda que Manda with a price per ticket of 350 pesos for preferential area and 200 general admission.

On April 30 the Lemongrass group is presented, with free admission, while on May 2 the groups Moenia and Phobia arrive in Cozumel, with the same price as April 29 tickets.

For May 3, tickets for the presentation of Alicia Villarreal have the same cost, while the concert of Ana Torroja scheduled for the night of May 6 will be completely free.

The concert stage  will be located in 5th avenue between 13 and 15 streets south, next to the municipal palace. Ticket sales will be in the offices of the Parks and Muses Foundation of Cozumel located in the Pedro Joaquín Coldwell avenue with Calle Benito Juárez.

Another option is to buy tickets at the Plaza de Toros that will be installed at the venue mentioned for the concerts.




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