Published On: Sat, Sep 5th, 2020

1,602 children have died of cancer due to federal government’s cuts on health

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According to an AMANC report, as of December 11, 4,273 new cases were detected, and 3,204 cases were diagnosed in an advanced stage.

MEXICO (El Financiero) – Cuts in spending for treatment and medicines against cancer have already claimed 1,602 deaths, from December to date alone, according to the latest report by the Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer (AMANC).

The AMANC warns of “deficiencies in the health sector” and “socioeconomic and cultural difficulties of families” in the disease’s face.

As of December 11, the report also stated that 4 thousand 273 new cases were detected, and 3 thousand 204 patients were diagnosed in an advanced stage.

It points out that, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, every 90 minutes, a new case is diagnosed in Mexico, and every four hours, a minor dies from this cause.

With the complaint that there are already 672 days of shortage or absence of treatments, medicines, and chemotherapy processes for cancer patients, relatives of patients protested yesterday in front of La Raza Hospital and the national headquarters of the IMSS, where they held a meeting with its head, Zoé Robledo.

In a long meeting, the federal official signed five agreements with the families: “to monitor the timely provision of oncological treatments of pediatric patients” at the Institute; the “elaboration of a register of pediatric patients”; “if requested, the protocol will be granted by the treating physician”; the “creation of a working group with authorities from the central level, which will meet weekly, on Thursdays at 6:00 pm, with the parents to resolve cases and follow up on the agreements”. “On marrow transplants, deferred services will be restarted due to the pandemic.

Wearing a blanket and T-shirts with the claim “#UnDíaMásSinQuimio,” family members demanded that health authorities “comply with the supply of all medications because there are many promises and in the end, complete treatments are not guaranteed.”

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